The Office Type – Date Your Office Supplies!?!


Let’s play The Office Type the game where you date your office supplies. The full game will have 24 playable characters for this demo we have 8 who we can romance or be friends with!! The Kickstarter is ongoing so if you want to help out the link is down below!!



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  1. I weirdly ended up liking Cyril the best, which I was NOT expecting. (Although his movie script idea sounds… mixed, at best. :-P) I think it feels like he has the most chemistry with the protagonist, to the degree you can tell that kind of thing? I like Trey a lot too though – he's a comic nerd AND the dark backstory hints are super intriguing, nothing not to like there. 😛 I also really like Antonella's vibe and how into her art she is (plus how much she loves her dog, which is super endearing). She seems closed off at first but she opens up a lot more easily than Benny does, it seems.
    I was actually pretty interested in Benny at first (because like you said, so uptight! It makes you wonder what's going on underneath), but… talking to them doesn't reveal more than that, so far. They JUST seem like an uptight jerk. Maybe in the full game if you talked to them more they'd eventually reveal more likable sides, but IDK. As it is there's not much to appeal with them.
    Cal is super sweet but so far they're… just as 2-dimensionally sweet and shy as Benny is 2-dimensionally uptight and jerkish, if that makes sense? I'd definitely want to be their friend, but Trey, Antonella and Cyril all feel a bit more fleshed-out right now, which makes me more interested in them. Though of course that could also change if you went on in the full game.

  2. This reminds me of that animation made by I'll will press we're Foamy the Squirrel gives Jermaine his human owner a personality quiz that he TaylorMade for all his friends to help them figure out which office supplies they were and he gave Jermaine s*** eraser. With every move of her hand she slowly erased who she was. It was a major Revelation in her character Arc

  3. I saw you retweet about this game & I was ready! I love the Dream Daddy stuff you did, it has become a serious guilty pleasure of mine.
    Also, I saw shipping potential between Bee and Antonella because the opposite attract vibes & the way Bee complemented her, like yesss

  4. Colors are contextual. The perception of color changes with the color of the background and that background kept shifting slowly, I think that's why you were having problems confusing some of the colors. I guess they did that to make it more challenging?


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