Top Hikes in Tokyo: not-so "AMAZING" Drinking Game.. Secret Waterfalls in Tokyo


One year later…

Part 2 of Okutama! This video took much longer than I expected to edit, and editing was a pain. Took me two weeks to edit – Sorry!

The video footage doesn’t do the place justice, and it’s really hidden and just magical and beautiful. We got lost many times, and maps and wooden posts around the area didn’t help us at all. If it wasn’t winter, I would have jumped right in!

I am sooooo sorry for using the word Amazing/Awesome too many crackerin’ times. I didn’t notice when I was there, I was too excited and mesmerized. Comment down below what my new ‘excitement’ word should be…

But seriously. I had to edit out all my amazings, and if I didn’t, that drinking game = wasted. XD


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