TradingView Tutorial: How To Use TradingView Like A Pro (in 2020)


Give me 35 mins and you’ll use TradingView like a pro — even if you have zero trading experience.

This TradingView tutorial will teach how to exploit the most important features of TradingView, so you can use it and improve your trading experience.


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  1. Seriously nothing suprise , it’s just normal trader do , event newbie can do instantly, i thought it will go to script or publish mode, it’s ok lah your effort attract peope to view, nice job lah

  2. helpful, yet have mercy with a 66 year old and just slow down a bit also with the mouse action. thanks all the same 🙂

  3. Thanks for your video. Can I get volume in this chart? From what I can see volume is only available to subscribers. Is that correct?

  4. there is something I don't understand, and sorry if for you or others is a silly question. I only joined 3 months ago Etoro, then I saw this trading view. Is it possible to use trading view with Etoro/ I know Etoro is not integrated , so I can't trade from trading you directly into Etoro, but can I use trading view to plan a position buy or sell and then do that on Etoro? Yes of course, but my concern is that what I will see in terms of price on trading view will be different than price values on etoro, because if I understood well each broker uses different prices depending on their sprea etc. any advise suggestion? Would you recomment otherwise for a beginner like myself to stay on Etoro or perhaps move to forextrade which is integrated with tradingview?

  5. Thank you so much mate for sharing your trading knowledge for all of us!! Always watching your tutorials and learning from your explanations. THANK YOU 🙏

  6. Rayner, please can you do a Tradingview Video for beginners. You've gone straight to a template chart here that you already had, please advise on how to set up a template and the simplest charts to use? I have learned so much from your videos so far but putting everything into practice, on a trading platform is proving difficult, when the bare basics of working the platform take forever to fathom.

  7. Hi Rayner, would like to check with you regarding the real time data

    1. My chart is delay for 15mins as i using free version… Pro version onward will get the real time data?

    2. Between, real time data works for M5 chart and M15 chart?

    Thanks yo

  8. Hi Rayner, thank you for doing this video, much appreciated. When I move a symbol or a ray-line on the mobile tradingview app. It doesn't save the new position. Is there a 'save' button on the app that I can manually tap?

  9. I want to create 2 windows (I know how to do that) but want a different index in this case in each window, I can't find anything on the pane to add another symbol, I know I can use the same symbol and change the time frame, but that's not what I want. Thanks


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