TradingView Tutorial – Master TradingView in under 30 Minutes!


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Complete TradingView Tutorial for beginners and traders new to the charting platform.



[01:00] – How to set up a Trading View account
[03:00] – How to open the charting section of the Trading View website
[03:14] – How to change the chart options & settings
• How to change chart type (candlesticks etc)
• Candle Colours
• Chart colour and background
• Time zones
• Trading options
• Change cursor type
[05:07] – How to read the current market price
[05:59] – How to change the time frame & zoom in and out on the chart
[07:13] – How to scroll back on the chart & sync time when scrolling and viewing different time frames
[07:52] – How to use drawing tools and studies & use different drawing settings
• Lock chart (drawings etc)
• Make drawings hidden
• Stay in drawing mode
• Magnet mode for drawings (weak and strong)
• Plot potential trades
• Undo drawing
• Drawing visibility
[11:41] – How to use the ruler tool
[12:34] – How to add indicators to a chart
[14:00] – How to use chart layouts (chart templates)
[15:44] – How to find and view different markets
[16:34] – How to arrange the charts over one or more screens
[17:23] – How to connect your Trading View account to your broker account
[18:05] – How to enter a trade within Trading View
[19:51] – How to view your open and pending positions within Trading View
[20:37] – How to add stop loss and take profit levels & how to close a trade
[21:49] – How to view your past trade details within Trading View
[22:11] – How to set market alerts
[24:19] – How to add text notes to a chart & how to use the general notes feature
[25:20] – How to use the replay feature
[26:48] – My thoughts on Trading View
[28:13] – How to use my affiliate link
[28:35] – How to clear Trading View cookies in Google Chrome
[29:08] – How to clear Trading View cookies in Safari

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  1. How to get a hold of TV? I bought Pro+ and a month ago it reverted to a previous free TV account (diff username, diff card). Now I can't get into the paid account due to it keeps connecting to the free account though I log out. No phone number to call, no email either. What do you think? I search my paid username as well but connects to the free account.

  2. Thanks for the great video! Do you use tradingview yourself? If so, what broker? And is DOM "depth of market" the same thing as level 2?

  3. Can you please help me understand why this is happening to my 1 minute chart? This is the second account I have created because it happened to my first account as well, and I wasn't able to fix it so I made a new account instead. Is it because I don't have a paid account? There's no contact information on their site (tradingview) and all the support is basically a frequently Q&A page. I am really pissed off right now >:(

  4. Hello Disciplined Trader, I have been using Tradingview for some weeks and I was trying to edit my order expiration date and time and I don't know how to go about it.
    Please, assist me with this challenge, it will be much appreciated.
    Thank you.

  5. I would like to find out how to perform a real time (or near enough) UK market scan at about 8:05 AM to see which stocks are moving. There is a top gainers; most active etc table in the Markets -》Stocks section which seems to be real time albeit rather slow; but everything in the screener seems to be the previous day at the earliest

  6. What is the benefit of affiliate account for me if i affiliate with you on tradingview? (as mentioned it in your description)

  7. OMG such a helpful and useful video. Thank you so much. QUESTION: on my replay button, the only option I have available to move around is SPEED. Is it because I do not have the top of the line TradingView? I believe I signed up for the account type just above free.

  8. Thanks a lot! Can you please tell how to put only volumes. not volume profiles, just volumes which are present below the charts. How to add volumes

  9. Hello I want to chat with trading view customer care . Where I can see that option in trading view. How to chat a one to one with trading view customer support…….


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