Unboxing Rising Sun, a Board Game with Nearly 150 Crazy Detailed Minis


Tom and Justin take a super close look at the Kickstarter Edition of Rising Sun and its expansions (the latest board game from veteran designer Eric Lang) which has nearly 150 incredibly detailed figurines.

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  1. Awesome to see tabletop games continuing to expand. There’s a lot to explore people, you’d be very surprised!

  2. What is the size of the minis? Please tell me they are 28mm. Gonna snag this for the minis to use in dnd if so.

  3. It is such a beautiful game. Im just not much for the diplomacy aspect. CMON does great minis and wonderful games though.

  4. OHHH SHYT. Day One Kickstarter backers, happy its getting the recognition. Buy this game, it's amazing. Video doesn't do figures justice AT ALL because YOU HAVE TO SEE IT IN PERSON. The gameplay is so much fun, with alot of bartering and shifting alliances between players played it 10 plus times already, and cannot wait to pint these mini's

  5. Eric Lang is such a good designer. Google Eric Lang’s Games and pick one that appeals to you. You’ll love it guaranteed.

  6. I just want it for the minis. Miniatures help inspire me for writing things and they give me resources to help bring my D&D games alive! 😀

  7. Great idea to make videos about board games!
    I understand why you’re focusing on miniatures, kind of a unique selling point compared to video games, but it would be great to look at other aspects as well.. player interaction, etc.. a board game is not just about how cool it’s minis look like..
    And no need to show off Kickstarter exclusives that viewers will never be able to get.. the retail version looks good enough to be able to talk exclusively about that one, imo


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