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EDIT: I realized that I made a huge error in the Wingding font, so I fixed it. It now says A happy house, instead of A ahppy house.

My first video! I haven’t made one in so long. I hope you all can enjoy it! Thank you for watching!

Sorry for the ads, I don’t want to get in any trouble with Copyright junk, so better safe than sorry.

Audio: Brian Regan- Kids Party Games
(He’s my favorite comedian, go check him out! Support his work!)
Undertale belongs to Toby Fox
Art: DuskArt

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE no reposting! You can share the link and video, but do not republish and claim as your own! This is why I put up a watermark. If anyone has taken my video, PLEASE let me know!

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  1. Goodness people, we have made the 11,000 views milestone! I never expected this video to get that much, thank you all so much. Thank you all for subscribing too, we are almost to 100! I'll make a video about it! This was posted almost a year ago, and I've been very inactive with the channel! Please comment down suggestions of videos you want to see from me! Speedpaints, animations, etc.! I will get back on track very soon, so hang tight!

  2. I got a red bull commercial before this and I was wondering what would happen if you gave kids a red bull before playing pin the tail on the donkey

  3. 1:04
    Gaster: “A HAPPY HOUSE”
    Me: wat do u mean, I understand u but what r u talking about

    Also thanks for putting those dings in uppercase
    Edit: nevermind I figured out why he said it, I’m just stupid

  4. Child: there aren't enough chairs!
    Normal parents: (Explains rules.)
    Sans: there aren't enough chairs!
    Sans' parents: happy birthday (jumps of a cliff.)

  5. So what this is saying…is that Gaster threw himself off into the CORE on Sans' birthday while he was thinking about musical chairs not having enough chairs. Wow.


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