VC Bingo! aka The Vinyl Community Drinking Game


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Eyes down and get your dibbers and dabbers ready…
Yes folks it’s the Vinyl Community Bingo/Drinking Game- fun for all the family!
I thought it might be a hoot to share this variant on ‘classic’ bingo in which the task is to see how many of the 25 ‘things’ I’ve listed you can spot whilst watching youtube videos.

How to play
1. watch youtube
2. every time you see, hear or encounter one of the following things, cross it off the list (or pound a shot)…

Shows An Obi Strip
Shows A 10″ Record Or A 12″ Single
Shows A Soundtrack
Show some VCLT
Says The Word ‘Psych’
Shows Something on The Motown Or Virgin Label
Shows Something On The K-Tel Or Ronco Label
Says ‘In The Shrink’
Shows A Live Album
Shows An Album With A Bass Guitar On Cover
Shows A Double Album
You see a Dog Or a Cat (Actual Or Picture)
A Band Featuring Your Namesake (First Or Second Name)
Shows Something On The Columbia Label (Any Amount Of ‘Eyes’)
Shows A Cassette Or An 8 Track
Shows A Band Or Artist Beginning XYZ
Shows A Rap Or Hip-Hop Album
Wears A Hat Indoors
Shows A Various Artists Compilation Album
Someone Takes A Drink On Camera
Shows A New Release
Does A Needle Drop
Says The Word Grail (Not Holy)
Shows A Classical/Orchestral Record
Shows An Album By Or Featuring A Solo Beatle (But Not An Actual Beatles Album)

You get the idea- this is just for fun and NOT a competition although I’d be interested to see if someone can squeeze all 25 into one video…

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  1. Hmmm… interesting idea. One problem though, good luck finding someone on VC showing an album with someone named Jörgen or Jorgen.😅


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