Warframe – Leverian Card Locations 1-5 [Hidden Easter Eggs]


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Nova leverian card, Ivara leverian card, Gauss leverian card, Grendel leverian card, Atlas leverian card..
Lets find all 5 of these hidden items that give you the cards as decorations for your orbiter!

Not afraid to admit, i knew they where around, just never collected them as didn’t see the point BUT, once i found out they where decorations, had to collect em all.

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  1. Are the cards in the ps4 leverian because i went to the same locations and didn't find anything 😭maybe you could make a video on it please

  2. It would be cool if they made actual meaning to these tarot cards, like you could actually get a reading from the warframe cards, that would be fun… useless, but fun

  3. yeah ı think you need to max frames because ı cant find gauss and it is the only frame that ı dont max it out of five

  4. i think the numbers on the card (like Nova = 14) is number that warframe release, it means Nova is the 14th warframe that released.
    just my opinion, dont get so mad if im wrong.

  5. I think the cards are numbered on when the frame was released hence why nova, a frame released seven years ago has fourteen but grendel, a newer frame has a 42

  6. Every time people talking about the cards in region someone mentions the stand card things from stardust crusaders


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