WARNING: Portals Kill | The SCIENCE!…of Portal


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What is the physics behind PORTAL?! The answers and consequences are–you guessed it–TERRIFYING! But the Wild Space-Time Ideas behind the game are about as Cool as it gets. In this episode, Austin covers black holes, worm holes, and negative mass to reveal the THE SCIENCE of Portal!

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  1. I actually think it might be identical (or nearly identical) alternate universes instead of wormholes within a single universe, but who knows. Aperture downloaded a lady's entire mind into an AI, God knows what else they could do.

  2. this didn’t give me a headache because it’s too complicated for my brain to even question. i’m just smiling and nodding.

  3. That's why the device is worth more than the combined incomes and internal organs of [subject hometown here].

  4. I know this is old but what would happen if you created a time Buble in which you could create and destroy mass instantaneously rather than having in our actual world

  5. given the ethics of aperture science, they wouldn't mind popping a moon into and out of existence for science.

    also, what if aperture somehow found a way to spread that mass across the universe while the negative mass is being used?

    What if the portal does not compress the atoms that make up the wall together, but instead uses the nuclear energy inside of them to create the portal?

    none of the lore addresses any of this, but it still could be possible.

  6. Austin is Einstein but he devoted his life to explaining how something that doesn't exist could exist for the entertainment of others so he can make some cash.

  7. How I spend my mornings:
    Sip some coffee while watching Austin slowly lose his sanity while hopped up on coffee

    Truly, coffee is the great unifier

  8. There's an easier way by using equally complicated science!

    Rather than wormholes, I would suggest quantum entangled particles creating a portal sized polarizable nano-film window between two points in space. (like an entangled soap bubble wall) The user could pass through by being momentarily encapsulated by the entangled nano-film as its particles polarize, inverting the users location.

    Which is just a twist on a previous idea using enatngled particles to project a (transporter) device
    that could vibrationally reassemble localized energy into an object or person from one side of an entanglement to another.

  9. You said that is stretches about the distance of a football field but in the second game it reaches the moon so wouldnt that destroy earth?


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