Why I would not recommend or buy a Mercedes-Benz in 2020 | Auto Expert John Cadogan


The three-pointed star is once again doing a poor job with customer care. There’s a reason why this company is on my ‘don’t buy’ list – and it has nothing to do with the cars themselves, which are typically excellent.

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  1. I wouldn't take the $76,000. He wouldn't be getting that much due to taxes. He already paid taxes on the 80k he made to get the original car so WTF would he want to pay AGAIN and receive even less for this insult/scam.

  2. Great publicity reality check John. Such fat cat complacency is a factor in companies failing ultimately.

    The message here applies to anything you buy. Keep your receipts people and make sure you get a refund or reasonable outcome for crap products, in this “quantity over quality” world we have moved into.

    Some friendly feedback John. This message could have been said in 5 minutes – not 23 minutes 😉

  3. To buy a Merc you need to be good enough at what you do to afford the price. So why would they treat you like a moron? This is just dumb business.

  4. I'd buy some used but otherwise they havent made a good car in years lol
    I want a straight piped CLK55 AMG and put a black edition bodykit and later a supercharger kit

  5. I personally strongly recommend Mercedes Benz!!!!
    I’m on my fifth E class. Indeed very satisfied over all.
    Live in Sweden. Ranked very high!!!!!👍👍👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ would never own another brand for sure. They are still used for diplomatic transports, taxis, rescue missions, executives cars etc.

  6. Hello Mr. Cadogan i Agree totally to what you tell in your history, so accurate point of view, i guess MB whent down after the w124, the they focus on the GTR that is a piece of one kind, they focus only in the asian market, begin 2006 again there where in the map. Geely buy in 2015 the 15% of Daimler, and beggin the disaster of MB and again only in high Class or i say only for tha jewels that they made so the history repeats again, i say that you should be louder and go directly with daimler Germany thancs for the content HQ love it

  7. You ask if consciousness is optional in school, surely it is not alone, since they introduced the Road Bicycle rules for Automotive users! White lines are now an optional compliance, "you are allowed to cross single and double lines, if there is a cyclist on your side of the road", I'd say that negates the purpose of the lines, to indicate danger, everywhere!

  8. Pathetic. Did they really say they could just give the customer an iPad as a replacement for the entire integrated computer system? I'm flabbergasted.
    Edit: Apparently it got worse as I kept watching. What a shameful company Mercedes-Benz is.
    Edit 2: No, please don't put Google's Android inside cars. It must be awful if it's anything like Android for TVs. Very poor update support, has lots of bugs, it's heavy on resources and doesn't offer anything which other operating systems from Samsung or LG don't already have.

  9. The best or nothing / what a load // get a Lexus / Toyota & enjoy legendary reliability & lower TCO with a better ride & more utility. I have 05 Prius & 10 Prius & they are fantastic, with low operating costs due to super high fuel economy & epic reliability which combines with lower insurance costs makes for a super low TCO experience thats pleasing. Not the most comfortable, but with the rear seats folded down the rear hatch area becomes large enough to hold a full sized mountain bike or a large load of stuff, a full sized air mattress for cabin glamping etc in moderate temperature areas 🙂

  10. I was done with my Mercedes about 3 years ago when I sold the last one I bought. I had fallen prey to the flashy looks and techie features but reliability wise they're just crap. I've gone back to Japanese brands because to me luxury means reliability and worry free driving, not flashy bits.

  11. Im totally with you John! I will die by my 2012 C63 but the brand as a whole I could take it or leave it… I'm also one of those weirdos who might pay a premium for early – mid oughts cars without a screen. 😅

  12. Wow…. Mercedes is easily the EA of the auto industry. Such blatant anti-consumer behavior and people still bend over backwards throwing their money at them.

  13. You cant trust or take this bloke seriously, one minute he is calling Mazda shisters the next he is singing their praises quote, from his website, : ( Either way, you’re getting a brand with historically good customer support at the dealership level too, and Mazda definitely takes pride (not arrogance) in its products as far as I’m aware.) Make your mind up man !!! we need a review on car reviewers.

  14. Plenty of brands on your recommended list have dealers treat customers the same way or worse. Like your silly Add-blue rant you are engaging in conformation bias. All brands and all dealers behave badly at times.

  15. Thank you john
    Mercs are nothing but trouble and a big Con
    i have had so much trouble with them for past 30 years and lost so much money over these conjob cars never again
    only toyota for the rest of my life
    arya from uk

  16. Tnx sir,but i dont own a mercedes..i had a mazda bt50 2017 model with 38k mileage and never caused me any problem…now my cousin has a hummer h3 2010 model with 29k mileage on it..he wants to swap his hummer h3 with my mazda bt50…and i think i like the hummer… What do u think about this sir cause if i swap my mazda bt50.

  17. This is why no matter the brand I try to avoid all this connected tech as I have over 30 years experience in Information Technology and know pretty well that if certificates expire and are not re-issued by the software vendor then this bricks the whole system and the manufacturer passes the buck. A simple software update with new certificates and latest software would have solved the issue and the owner should not be charged a cent to effectively "patch software" for a car.

    Additionally a lot of this software "phones home" so it is not hard for the manufacturer to have a "kill switch" in the software to suddenly yank support on the hope the owner does not know, months or years down the track. We put too much trust in these organisations and we need to starve them of oxygen, and Mercedes is committing fraud and breaching Australian Consumer Law.

  18. I have owned two MB. And this is for sure the last! My 2019 GLS 450 is the very last. Their customer service and product support is the worst. When I pay for a premium brand and I have to financially foot the bill to correct their fault. Then be reimbursed is an insult. It’s their dealership. Why should I have to pay anything? This is after the class action. Lol. Never again.

  19. I suppose the same issue will come up with app'd up cars like Tesla. You'd buy it for a particular techy feature that you really want and then gets uninstalled down the track…..just like mobiles do. The transaction kind of blurs what you are paying for, is it the product or just a subscription of it?

  20. Should have bought a Tesla as it’s an IT company building cars instead of a car company outsourcing IT as cheap as possible.


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