Why Is Your Grandma So Short?


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Nutrition during the first few years of life has a huge impact on adult height, and since nutrition has been getting better over time, humanity – including your family – is getting taller.

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Osteoporosis: Condition in which bones lose density and break down.
Stunting: Impaired growth and development that children experience from poor nutrition.
Malabsorption: Condition in which the intestine can’t absorb enough nutrients and fluids.
Food insecurity: Lacking reliable access to sufficient and nutritious food.

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  1. You B*tch !
    Go do some homework.
    First of all India is not that poor.No. of hungry people in US is equal to hungry people in India.
    Even malnutrished labours here are around 6 feets.

    Come & Visit !
    Then, See the difference.
    You literally comparing India with Nigeria😒😒
    You Kidding Me.

  2. I come from a family where most people is short but the thing is
    Which each generation, my family gets taller, so I’m from the newest
    Generation in my family, so I’m basically a Titan even though I’m
    Only 11(Ps I’m shorter than most people in my family but they are
    Really older than me)


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