Why We Never Got To See An Ender's Game Sequel


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Not long after The Twilight Saga concluded, Summit Entertainment geared up for its next young adult franchise: Ender’s Game. Based on the Orson Scott Card novel of the same name, Ender’s Game was envisioned as the first in a series of new sci-fi films—after all, there’s a ton of written material to draw from—but the series got canned long before its completion. Here’s why we never got to see an Ender’s Game sequel…

Box office bomb | 0:22
Boycott | 0:54
Budget constraints | 1:22
A tired trend | 2:09
Aged out | 2:55
TV spinoff | 3:52

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  1. can someone explain to me what happend after ender's game like i knew there is a book of it but i don't have the budget for it

  2. You forgot to add that many people who did see the movie were disappointed that the movie did not follow the book more faithfully. Some of us would have gone and seen it more than once if it had been accurate.

  3. For me version of books is always better than movies .. You can visualize more how exceptional authors imagination is.

  4. Why doesn't marvel invest money in making this type of movie…we love flim which emotional to aliens and if in future part 2 came it definitely blast the box office in Hollywood 🔥🔥

  5. It was best movie…part 2 will boom this movie..surely this movie will boom in 2023 if part 2 came..and automatically hollywood will be return as their money..

  6. Uh because the sequels are nooothing like the original and much more political than action. Ender only shines in Enders Game, he's an old man in all the others. Considerably more boring.

  7. The movie had so much potential. 5/10 bad acting, did not developed Enders character and did not go into the speaker of the dead.

  8. I think this video overlooks the fact that Speaker for the Dead, Xenocide, & Children of the Mind; Ender is ~35 years old. If they age that up similarly to what was done for Ender's game he'd be 40-ish. At which point it's not really YA fiction anymore. Ender in Exile would be the next logical entry in the series because he's only a year older than in Ender's Game. Still that's a very slow political story that involves a lot of letter-writing. Hardly a Hollywood action movie. Might all be better for a Netflix adaptation.

  9. Run it as a series like Game of Thrones and follow the f**** book instead of doing your own s*** that's why the movie sucked


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