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Yokai Watch 2 Bony Spirits and Fleshy Souls may look like a fun, kid-friendly game, but if you knew the dark history of the game’s monsters, you might think twice about being a kid in this world of terrifying yokai! Like Kappa for instance. THEY STEAL YOUR SOUL FROM YOUR BUTT!

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  1. I'm on the cringey side of YouTube. And I don't mean because of the Japanese mythology. I mean this channel…

  2. I really love the yokai watch series… The references are good, I think the fight system is actually better than pokemon and also tons of puns in the names

  3. Maybe the Kappa ripped off the arm and gave it to the people to put on display so they can prove to others that kappa exist.

  4. Ironically, these Kappa bear some physical and behavioral similarities to the watermen in german folklore, they are both green, have green hair, live in bodies of water, have magical powers (Watermen are mostly controlling fish and transformation), can be malicious and benevolent (watermen like to drown people or jump on their backs, others will reward you for good deeds or punish bad ones, some even married humans).


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