Zoom vs. Google Meet & Online Meeting Tips!


See all of this week’s mentioned videos: – This week I talk about why I like Zoom and Google Meet for online meetings along with some tips for making these meetings more efficient. Subscribe for more!

0:00 – Intro
00:27 – My Favorite Conferencing Apps
00:54 – Zoom
01:50 – Zoom stream to Facebook / YouTube live
06:07 – Google Hangouts Meet
07:15 – Google Hangouts Meet Closed Captioning
08:11 – Meet live streaming feature
11:08 – Conferencing Apps Conclusion
11:38 – Tips
11:54 – Tip 1: Train Non Tech Savvy Users First
12:52 – Tip 2: Use Video When Possible
13:20 – Tip 3: Look in the Camera!
14:09 – Tip 4: Assign a “Host” Who Can Lead
14:49 – Tip 5: Limit Discussion
15:36 – Tip 6: Meet Only When Absolutely Necessary
16:13 – Basecamp Remote Work Guide
17:22 – Supporter Thank Yous
18:11 – Week in Review
19:31 – Coming Up This Week
20:17 – My Other Channels
21:43 – Conclusion

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  1. Thank you for video but you haven't speak about internet speed we need if we have 100 participants in zoom or meet, also RAM of my computer as administrator ?

  2. Just for future reference, G Suite is completly free for schools. You just need to fill an application form and the school needs to have the requirements needed for the service.

  3. Good stuff Lon, especially the tips on meeting etiquette, like acoustic treatment in meeting rooms, online meeting etiquette is usually the first thing to be ignored in a business environment.

  4. Hi @Lon.TV! Did you see that now Google Meet is totally free? At least until Sept 30th! It hasn't any limit regarding meeting duration also. Check it out!

  5. I would like to see a tips stand alone /excerpt video that could be shared easily. The people we all need to send it to need all the help they can get…

  6. I am kinda stuck re>confirming my site domain. I paid for one, but I haven't been able to confirm it. Sad. Is it a must to use Gsuite, right? Thanks.

  7. Additional information on Zoom security. Zoom has made it mandatory now to have a password and for meeting participants to come into the meeting only via the "Waiting Room." This adds a level of security as well. Also, Zoom reminds people not to publish the passwords or links on a public forum as that will only encourage the brilliant but soft minded people to hack into your account.

    I hope this helps! Thanks again. Stay Safe! Visit via Zoom.com

  8. I can understand your concern Zoom security issues last year regarding Apple devices but as you, yourself said, Apple didn't wait for Zoom to fix it, Apple fixed it. End of concern. Also, downloading an "app" to a device is no big deal. I work with an organization of people who are 65 and over. I have many people in my Zoom meetings who are actually into their 80's! After researching ways to join a meeting i.e., via a browser or an email that contains a link directly to the meeting, I have found the email to be the very easiest way. I complied a 5 Step program to assist my meeting participants. Step One is to download the Zoom app a day or two BEFORE the meeting. For first time zoomers, downloading the app well ahead of time, reduces anxiety about coming into the meeting on time. It also eliminates any possibility of embarrassing moments. In the meetings I have had with my Senior Citizen continuing education organization, we have had minimal to none incidents. Everyone was able to get right on. We have 15 to 23 people in on a meeting at one time.

    One more thing…I let everyone know that I am available for a "practice meeting" if they would like to do that before our actually committee meeting. I have had a couple of people take me up on that offer. That results in meeting attendees who are much more comfortable on the day of the meeting and are much more likely to participate fully.

    Zoom is FUN! It's enables me to see all my 5 grown children, 13 grandchildren and 4 little great grandchildren. We have a great time!

    Thank you for your tutorial. I've done a lot of research regarding Zoom and you do a very good job of explaining how to navigate through the Wonderful World of Zoom!

  9. The host pays for Google Meet. However, do the people who are invited to the "Meet" need to be a paying subscriber of Google Meet, as well? Thank you.

  10. The way you can share documents on a Google Meet meeting is by creating it through a Google Calendar event and adding video conferencing to it. Then you can add attachments or links in the description of the event. In the meeting apps or website interface, users will see the linked/attached docs (on the lower left I believe).

  11. Great video. Google Meet really needs to sort out the "public" live stream to YouTube as you say. I work in local gov and we have had Gsuite Enterprise since 2011 and we are now required in the UK to live stream our official meetings to the public. Raised with Google, but no success…

  12. —- its a real pity that HANGOUTS is being switched OFF —— https://hangouts.google.com/
    The Great Google Hangouts Shutdown begins October 2019
    Hangouts—which Google has recently retconned to "Hangouts Classic"—is Google's most popular messaging app of all time. The full-featured, consumer-grade, instant-messaging app has more than a billion installs on Android, and it has enjoyed prominent placement in the desktop version of Gmail. Since it was an in-place upgrade of Google Talk, it has a user base dating back 13 years.

  13. THANK YOU! Excellent video! No ability for audience to interact with Google Meet within the app, correct? (Not Google chat).


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